Hey, I’m Carlos. As you’ve likely seen on the home page, I am a 20 year old guy from Portugal who created a microblog to talk about code, specifically posting code snippets that may be useful to others and give/get general tips about programming.

I like football, computers, Maths, Geology, Astronomy. If this was a Twitter bio, I’d probably mention my love for running and attending the gym with some over-the-top funny phrases.

Me and Programming

I first got in touch with programming at 10, when the Hi5 trend started — back in 2008, if I remember correctly. Now, no,HTML is a not a programming language — it has Markup in the name for a reason. But that was how I got started in the behind the scenes of the beautiful web.

My first programming language was Pawn, a language with a C-like syntax. This is the programming language used to create gamemodes for the popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mod, San Andreas Multiplayer. My interest for programming skyrocketed from there on, and I started reading about other languages.

Nowadays, I work mostly with Python and JavaScript but I do not stick to these two languages: I’m always trying to learn other programming languages because knowledge is never enough!

To be updated!